March 01, 2003

Homeland Security Threat Monitor

Someone has gone to the trouble to create a Homeland Security Threat Monitor that sits in your Windows System Tray. Somehow it knows that I'm not the President of the United States and it won't let me change the current threat level. I thought some "Red, Green, Red, Green" back and forth might add some much needed humor to the mix - natch.
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Amazon gets ICANN accredited.

Hmm..its interesting that they list Amazon Legal as the contact. Is this a sign that we can expect more BigCo Trademark Protection Dept.'s to take things into their own hands? Tucows has quite a few resellers that are simply providing internal services to the rest of their company - getting accredited for such a purpose would definitely be the next step, but it is quite a step given the pain-in-the-assish requirements of accreditation. Of course, a bunch of lawyers in a corporate legal department might just take such a thing to be sport.

"1-Click Domain Registration? theodp writes " quietly received approval last December to sell domain names to companies and individuals. Amazon Registrar, Inc. is now listed as an ICANN-Accredited Registrar. More details in this WSJ story (subscription required)." Won't normally post WSJ only articles due to the subscription requirements, but this one is pretty interesting. I'll add a subscription-free link if I can find one."

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A belated welcome to the biz folks.

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Attack of the Blimp!

Blimp! Very funny.

"On this occasion I awoke to the sense that there was a large menacing presence approaching me silently out of the gloom, so I opened my eyes, and there it was! A LARGE SILENT MENACING PRESENCE WAS APPROACHING ME OUT OF THE GLOOM, AND IT COULD FLY!!!"

[via Where Worlds Collide]
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