March 13, 2003

Helping the internet not suck.

The Farm is running my latest dribbles about new gTLDs. I've thought for a long time that the current thinking of those that are supposed to be thinking hard about problems like this is;likely going to smother what little hope we have for innnovation in this space. Ideally we can riff on a document like this and start getting people thinking in the right direction. Getting this wrong won't mean the end of the internet, it will simply mean that the internet will suck just a little bit more than it should.

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WAIT!! Freedom Toast?

The US movement to replace the word "french" with the word "freedom" in support of the war movement has been blogged extensively. I have no real problem with this, especially considering the Americans heavily supported the preservation of Canada's National Igloo, but I have two questions.

Should I start calling people from Quebec, "Freedom-Canadians"?

What is the new name of Canada's other national language?

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