March 14, 2003

End to End and Top to Bottom

I read stuff like this (Kling not Weinberger) and amazed at how quickly people forget the other important thing about the internet - it is three dimensional. We have the "Inside-Out" that Saltzer, Reed & Clark dubbed the "End-to-End Principle". *BUT* We also have the Bottom-to-Top that we call "the Seven Layer Model" - these aren't different ways of looking at the same thing, they are different parts of the same thing. This gives the 'net the dimensions that it needs to perpetuate itself.

This is also why its okay to do spam filtering at points within the network - as long as its done at the application layer - or outside of the network. Pipes don't need that much intelligence - mail servers might.

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Spam, Accordians & And - Docflocking Redux

Apparently there is a custom that dictates that once one has supped with bloggers that one should acknowledge said sup in ones blog. Apparently I find some perverse joy in using "sup" and "blog" in high concentrations in the same sentence.

I'd have to agree with the general consensus - had a good time last night. It was really low-key, the Maudite was cold and the conversation was interesting. Nice not to get extreme all at the same time like these things usually do when everyone is in convention mode. Tara notes that Doc has an unusual obsession with his gear. I just think that he wants to get the most out of it before he drops it, loses it or has it lost for him. Plus he's got good gear, he should be showing it off - 'good gear left bagged is ungood gear'.

Tara works on MACCAWS amongst other things - this is plusgood. I haven't dived into this, but it sounds worthy and I wish them well. Joey was a lot of fun - nice guy. I'm definitely going to have to find one of his gigs sometime...sounds like a blast. He was nice enough to do some AC/DC for us on his accordian. Keep an eye on Michael for his "World of Ands Corollary". I want to digest this one a little bit more. I mean, I get it, but I think that there's more to be said on the subject. Brent and Tim are working on some neat !spam tools. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that...DarrylG, the hairless wannabe, still doesn't have a blog. But we let him stay anyways.

Spent some neat time talking with Doc, Brent and Michael about the future of software. New theory: software as we know it exists today because the failure of the transistor to do what we want it to do. We move back to hardware when the mainstream manufacturers figure out that we're using laptops and PCs as replacements for $30 devices. Software will still be there, but it won't be Brand X OS (or even OS/X) or Brand Y Applications - its going to be Brand B Telephone and Brand C Toothpaste Dispenser - its not just going to be the guitars that get smart and its not just going to be the software sector that gets shaken up. All of this makes the Phillips v. Microsoft and Cisco v. Sony battles suddenly a lot more interesting. The new device model: Distribution + Form Factor + IP Awareness = Degree of Commercial Success. Definitely more on this as I wander through it mentally.

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