March 15, 2003

Open Source Registry Platform

Excellent. ISC, the people behind BIND, has started an open source registry project dubbed "OpenReg". The OpenReg project page sums it up best;

"OpenReg is an implementation of a domain registry, such as might be used by top-level domain operators to manage the delegation of domains in a "shared registry" environment. OpenReg:

  • supports the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), the IETF standards-track protocol for interaction between registries and registrars;
  • is designed and debugged as a distributed multi-process system;
  • supports PostgreSQL and is designed to accommodate to very large registries;
  • publishes zone files to be served using BIND;
  • gathers comprehensive profiling and load statistics;
  • is published as free software, under a BSD-style licence."

I'm glad to see that this is happened. We need more registries, we need more gTLDs and country-code operators need a cost effective way to run a world-class registry without spending world-class dollars. OpenReg should make all of this just a little bit more possible.

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