May 12, 2003

Legislative Dis-assembly

finger-sm.jpgThe debate concerned allegations of contempt for the legislature made by the provincial opposition. Apparently they didn't like the fact that a recent budget was unveiled at a press conference instead of in the legislature.

During the debate, John O'Toole, a government MPP, decided to lay these charges to rest with a heartfelt gesture.

And then he denied it. "There were a lot of things happening at that time, and I would not say I did that," O'Toole told reporters.

And then he came clean. It wasn't an overt thing I did," O'Toole replied. "But I do apologize."

(Its a good thing he wasn't caught in bed with someone's wife. "Sorry pal, it wasn't overt, but...)

When asked if this was a new pre-election tactic, House Leader, Chris Stockwell clarified the intention of O'Toole's actions by stating that ""No, its clearly not part of a strategy, to tell our guys to flip people the bird and come out and lie about it,"

Only in Canada eh? Pity.

CTV online has the entire scoop...

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