May 13, 2003

Fzzt! pOPP!! Holy Crap!

Ummm...when your computer goes pOPP!! and a bright blue flash shoots out of the back kind of simultaneously...

What does that mean? Ungoodness...hopefully my data and components are okay - I really hope that the sound and fury that I heard was a dying power supply - and nothing on the machine got futzed...agh. Any kind words would be appreciated.

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Divorcing /. - A Pictoblog in Three Parts

When I came in this morning, I noticed that Newzcrawler was displaying these headlines coming from

Needless to say, I became quickly concerned that I had violated one of the most important rules of aggregation - Thou shalt not abuse thine hosts content feed. So I double checked the frequency that I had set to pull the slashdot feed.

I quickly realized that there was an easy way to fix all of this.

I haven't really read slashdot all that much lately anyways.

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