Who would have thought that a successful round trip to the grocery store would rate its very own blog entry. But, in my housebound, bored to tears state, even the postman’s visit deserves its own entry!

(betcha can’t wait to find out how nuts I get during week two on the couch!! )

In any event, the entire trip – a total of four blocks plus time at the grocery – took me just under 50 minutes. That included a number of pit stops along the way (literally – not only was I getting tuckered out, but my armpits were getting sore )

BChastain instructI should have thought things through a little bit more clearly – $25 worth of supplies weighs a fair bit. By the time I got back, I felt like I had just run 5k – not a huge workout, but I was definitely breathing!

Since I’m not able to ride my bike for a while, I think I might add a regular “crutch run” to my regimen. Getting the blood pumping can’t be a bad thing – especially seeing as how I’m basically not moving at all for the rest of the day. Does any one else have any exercise tips for the immobile? The doc says that upper body exercises are cool – anything that you’d add that would fit in?

Soccer maybe?