"I said Windows Vista users shouldn’t use antivirus."

- Jim Allchin, Windows Vista Blog

Having used Vista in its various forms over the last few months, I kind of thought something was up when I read the earlier press reports on this teleconference. I had chalked it up to some sort of an overly exuberant statement that had been misinterpreted by the press. Turns out I was partially right - except Allchin's original statement wasn't all that exuberant really. I'm always amazed at people's capacity to take things out of context (or just not listen in the first place)...

GMSV's take on the teleconference can be found here. It is a pretty breathless piece and now hearing another side to the story, I'm left wondering how much of this entry was written with the intent of being purposely controversial.

"Allchin said he's so confident in the operating system's security measures that he believes there's no need for Vista users to run any third-party antivirus software."

- John Paczkowski, GMSV Blog

If you read the entire GMSV post, you'll see a standalone tail slug at the bottom starting with "In all fairness..."

In all fairness, a reasonable and balanced piece wouldn't have honed in on a specific statement the way it did without taking into account the larger context of the conversation.

I'm calling foul on this one...