Some lessons from Kevin Eikenberry's blog...

It isn't the slides, it's the stories.
It isn't the PowerPoint, it's the passion.
It isn't the data, it's the dialogue.
It isn't the Bullet points, it's the belief you instill.
It isn't the Action Steps, it's taking action.

These points were made in the context of defining what makes for a great presentation, but they definitely have broader applicability. Especially the last one.


Its easy to muck this one up. Often, people confuse creating plans with acting on plans. How many to-do lists do you have that you've never followed up on? How many strategic plans have you created that promptly got tossed into the top drawer of your desk only to be revisited during next years planning cycle? How many teams have you seen devote 90% of their time to the planning and 10% or less to the action?

Writing down your goals, objectives and plans is an important step. But it is just a step. Capturing "Action Steps" without Taking Action is like adding a book to your Amazon Wishlist instead of your shopping cart.

You can't live in a blueprint. You can't wish or plan your life or business into reality. Only action can turn ideas into reality. I know this all sounds obvious, but as the saying goes, common sense isn't all that common.