PuppiesJust got word from our breeder that our standard poodle puppy was born today. She comes from a litter of 7 puppies - three of which are female. We haven't picked which one we want yet, so we don't know if she'll be red or apricot.

We already have a poodle/retriever cross (a golden doodle) puppy (9 months old) and we wanted to get him a friend that he could play with during the day when we're not around. All of our pets have had "mates" over the years and we find that the animals are generally happier (or so we think!)

We decided on a poodle instead of a doodle because we didn't want to take any chances with shedding. Some doodles shed (its not a real breed, so the characteristics of each animal are slightly different) and we're really quite happy not having to sweep up piles and piles of hair from around the house.

Our new pup will be coming home sometime late September. We'll probably be able to go out and pick her out in 3-4 weeks or so.