T4klogoMy recent trip to Luxembourg was great from a business perspective, but even better from a Tour for Kids perspective.

What is Tour For Kids? Tour For Kids is a wonderful multi-day cycling adventure for adults. The organizers include representatives from the camps, various sponsors and the media.  Over the past five years, they have raised over $2,200,000 for cancer charities in Canada and the US. 

Between August 11-14, Tour For Kids will host hundreds of cyclists as they ride up to 850 km around Ontario and visit campers and staff at their extraordinary camps. As a participant in the 2005 Tour for Kids, I am raising funds and awareness for three very special camp organizations that enhance the quality of life for children living with, through and beyond cancer.

While I was in Luxembourg, I was able to solicit some great pledges from people in the domain industry. Part of our fundraising strategy is to auction our team name. eNom was the first to place a bid of $1500USD, but they were quickly outbid by the folks at ZIP.Ca who pledged $2000USD!

T4kmapHow would you like to have us ride in your name? The highest bidder will get to pick our riding team name and we’ll also ride under your logo for the full ride. I can’t guarantee Superbowl-type media exposure, but this is a great charity and there will be at least three of us wearing your logo for a full four days as we push our bikes through almost 1000 kilometres of southern Ontario.

So far, I’ve raised $2400USD  including the team sponsorship bid. This is great! I’d really like to thank everyone who pledged for the podcast and also to my friends and family who entered their pledges. Be assured, if I haven’t hit you up for a donation, I will shortly.

If you’d like to save me the begging, you can simply click here to make a donation directly to my T4K (Tour For Kids) pledge account (these pledges are made in Canadian dollars) using your credit card, or via my T4K Paypal account (U.S. dollars)

if that’s easier for you.

My T4K profile is also online now if you want a link to send around the office in support of my ride!