I'm flying through Heathrow tomorrow. I expect it to be uneventful, but based on earlier reports, everyone I talk to seems worried that I'll be there - despite what the media and officials are telling everyone. I was more uncomfortable sitting in Toronto's Union Station this evening waiting for the Lakeshore East to take my dad back to Oshawa after the Jays game.

Despite what the heads of state will say in coming days, terrorism has taken its toll.

Important Message from BAA plc

8th July 2005

Due to the incident in Central London the BAA website is currently experiencing a high volume of visits.

Our UK airports Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen - remain open and all flights are currently operating normally.

All underground services in London are currently suspended.

As public transport is disrupted, passengers are advised to allow additional time for their journey to and from the south-east airports.

An information line has been opened for worried friends and family, which is 0870 1566 344