Its not to often that Ray Ozzie makes your business case for you.

When I was explaining to Siobhan what the value for our users would be, I described a user-scenario which included the standard “race-car” approach to subscription icons – 1500 different icons, one for subscribing to each service that your readers might be using.

Siobhan picked up the example pretty quickly, typed in a URL, and said “Like this guy?”. Bingo – exactly what I was talking about.

This was all before I checked out Ray’s screencasts.

After I finished talking to her, I figured I should get a bit deeper on what Ray was proposing, so I thought I’d check out his screen casts.

In the first one I picked, I was pretty surprised to see that he was using a Blogware user to describe the exact same user-scenario that I had just run Siobhan through.

Now let’s see if Ray is persuasive enough to convince Siobhan to include LiveClipboard support in the default Blogware template set. She’s a pretty tough cookie

Thanks again Ray!

Now there’s another “its a small world”, “six-degrees” kicker in here as well – I’ll toss in fifty bonus points and a “Official Tucows Schwag Care Package” to the first person who leaves me a comment telling me what the other connection between Ray Ozzie and Blogware is. No hints, but I will blog the answer tomorrow @ 5pm EST – closest answer wins.

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