A little bit later than I thought, but we managed to whip up the code necessary to bake Ray's LiveClipboard functionality into my weblog template and into the permanent feature set of Tucows Skydasher. Very cool stuff - click this icon for a demo of the functionality.

Don't forget, the Skydasher beta is wide-open - you can create a custom RSS Desktop under your brand for your users quite easily - just go to Tucows Start Beta signup page for more details. Or, if you just want to play around with the functionality for yourself, you can sign-up for a Blogrolling branded account over at 'Rolling Start.

The only other change I want to make is to use this icon Xml-live-clipboardinstead of the plain scissors. Comments on whether or not this would be useful or not would be totally appreciated. I’m whipping up the graphics necessary to implement this, but can always go in another direction if need be.

(Yeah – I know the screencast says that the software is “Unregistered” – this comes from the AVI -> MPG converter that I used. I ponied up the $29.95, but I’m still waiting for my registered version to show up. Honest.)

PS - the connection between Ray and Blogware? No one got it (or no one cared enough to comment) but the right answer was that Joe McDonald was not only the original coder behind Blogware, but he was also one of the two people that came up with the name for “screencasting” when Jon Udell was trolling for a name. I know, tenuous connection, but definitely worth noting )