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As much as I like the clean design of the previous template I was using, I found it daunting to write under. Form matters and it has an influence in the substance. If you choose a blog template the lends itself to quick, concise updates a la twitter, that’s probably what you’ll write to populate it. My old template really lent itself to long form posts, which I find daunting. As much as I enjoy writing, if I had the time to do proper long form, I’d probably be getting paid to do it ;-)

So I’ve chosen a new template that shares some of aesthetic of the old template (at least in the way I see it) but lends itself to much smaller posts. I promise I won’t get so concise here that you think you are reading my twitter feed. Twitter is good enough for the short form snark and hopefully, my new styling helps me explore that nice middle ground between the two…


Ciào Facebook

You aren’t reading this on Facebook because I don’t want to play the Facebook game anymore.

I used to think that Facebook was great for sharing stuff with friends. It is, sort of.

Mostly though, Facebook just shares stuff with a small set of people that it wants to show your stuff to. Similarly, Facebook only shows you stuff from a small set of people it wants you to see. In its quest to make certain that its feeds and timelines are relevant, Facebook scores relationships based on how often we like stuff, comment on it, poke it, view it, share it and so on. Then it sort of guesses who your friends are and shows you and them stuff based on how you interact with it.

On paper, this is a really good idea. In practice, it just means that if we don’t want to play the Facebook game of friend, like, poke, view, share and comment, then we don’t really see anything interesting. Our brains recognize these game mechanics at some level, making it incredibly easy to waste way too much time poking and sharing and commenting – the more we do it, the better the Facebook experience is. It takes hours to achieve and maintain a reasonable level of quality in what you read on your wall.

I’m opting out.

I love my friends and family but life is too short wasting it poking and commenting and liking – Facebooking – just so I can see your updates on my wall. I’ll still check in from time to time, but instead of spending all sorts of hours trying to get Facebook to show me your stuff on my wall, I’m just gonna read your wall directly. I’ve created a nice list of bookmarks of the walls for people that I want to keep up with and I’ll just browse through that when I want to get a friend fix.

And in the meantime, I’ll be hanging around here…


Welcome to the New Byte.org!

Hello interloper!

I started blogging more than 10 years ago. Someday, I’ll tell the whole story, but the synopsis is that I first started posting status updates to a web page using handcrafted HTML sometime in 1999. At some point, I moved to UserLand Radio, then MovableType and then Blogware. I was on Blogware *forever* and recently, I’ve moved everything to WordPress, as you can see.

I’ve decided to post fairly regularly about stuff that interests me. Nothing too heavy, just riff-raff that I need to get out of my head. I love your comments, so please be sure to take a load of on me anytime you want.




Getting back in the saddle…

I’ve decided to start blogging again. Its a big step for me. When I first started blogging, I just jumped in – completely unconscious of the commitment I was making. Over time, my blog sputtered, and then completely failed.

This time, I’ve promised myself, it will be different. This time I’ll be blogging with forethought.

I’ve decided to take the time that I’ve been wasting on Twitter and Facebook and pour that effort into longer, less frequent posts that will end up here. I’ll still use Facebook and Twitter to some degree, but I’ll be spending a lot less time keeping them updated.

There are still quite a few more things to do before I can call this a blog. Not only do a I need a few more posts, but I’d also like to tweak the settings a bit more, get used to the plugins that I’ve configured and make a final decision about the theme I’ll be using. I’d also like to import my older content, but that might take some additional effort.

So until I’ve settled in, please do mind your step. I’ll work on making this as comfortable as possible for everyone.