May 07, 2003

Worse than Dave?

Dave asks "So what's worse than a rich guy who creates format protocols that are sticky, has a high flow weblog, and a fellowship at Harvard?"

A good looking rich guy who...

Ba-dum bum. I'm here all week, try the veal.

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shhh...I'm hunting wabbits...

Posts will continue to be sporadic while I do the day job thing.
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Client Service

From a utility perspective, I can't believe how poorly "mail" has been handled.

Someone needs to step up to the plate and solve some very basic problems.

They call email "the killer app". It manages to kill my productivity on a regular basis, but other than the basic function of shipping memo's back and forth really quickly, I'm not bowled over by the fit and finish in any of the products out there. There's a lot of ground that needs to be covered before mail is really useable and useful.

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Ripped Off (update)....

A few of you have written to find out what happened with the copyright problem that I ran into yesterday.

I'm please to note that the semi-pleasant request actually yielded unexpected, but positive results. Within a few hours, the images had been removed from the web with other, presumably, licensed ones taking their place.

There were a few of you that wanted to hear more - I'm not talking. Things were worked out quickly and efficiently so there's no need to throw anything further into the water/onto the fire (whatever...).

I am left wondering where DRM for individuals will come from. I would love a way to protect my intellectual property at a cost that I can afford. Too much of the intellectual property discussion focuses on the rights of big business - what about little old me?

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Ripped off...

Why do some people continue to equate "ease of access to content" with "freedom to steal content"?

I'm kind of pissed that someone has taken it upon themselves to steal a whole bunch of images from one of my galleries without my permission (expressed or implied) and used them on another website without even a passing nod in my direction.

I've already sent off a semi-polite request that the images be removed from the website in question. I wonder whether or not I will have to resort to the poor-man's DRM - public embarassment.

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