February 19, 2003

Cory Doctorow, Jim Morrison and Me.

Cory said some stuff about Shift - blah, blah, blah - I never did like it. Oh well. Alas poor Shift, etc.

Wait a second. That would imply that he knows what Shift is (and possibly that he has crappy taste in magazines). That would imply that he probably lives in Toronto (not because he has bad taste in magazines, but because he knows what Shift is, was, whatever.)

Finding out who Cory is  becomes my immediate quest. Hey -  he's exactly 14 days younger than me. So,  if I have a 14 day head start, then why does my blog suck so much worse than his?

Doesn't matter, Jim Morrison died within hours from when I was born. That certainly beats a cool blog anyday. "The soft parade has begun...you've got a cool machine..."

Wait - Cory didn't post any of that - someone named Xeni did...she seems nice enough, but I have no idea how much of a head start she has on me. She does have a cool website though - and she seems to know Shaq. Did I mention I share my birthday with Tom Cruise?

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ROTD: GoDaddy Gets Defensive about its Registrations - The Update

In "ROTD: GoDaddy Gets Defensive about its Registrations" I mentioned that GoDaddy was doing a lot of defensive registrations. According to Brett, it looks like they were just testing their software.

I get my results from beta version of DomainWatch. Its a pretty powerful tool - but, like most things like this, the real power lies in interpreting the results. Anyone buying stock based on my "SIEBELMICROSOFT.COM" ROTD posting could have made a small bundle if they divested at the right time (yeah - this is investment advice, keep walking, nothing to see here, I'm not an investment councillor). Rumor has it that our product management team is current working on packaging up these tools for Tucows resellers.

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Pharaoh Gates

Marc is talking about convergence - a nice little summary of history before it happens. He did say one thing that particularly caught my eye...

"The pipeline going into the home will feed BOTH worlds via the Home LAN.  Digital convergence will continue and (hopefully) all of you will lose your jobs and an entire new generation of 'media and computing' executives will show you the way." 
- "Two worlds dying in front of our eyes"Marc's Voice
Marc completely pegs where the evolution is going to happen - perhaps this is common knowledge and I missed it, but its the first time that I've heard anyone imply that convergence isn't going to happen at a device level (or application level if we are using OSI-speak), but at the transport layer. And come to think of it, Televisions are pretty well designed applications - IP enabled TV's would probably be equally well designed. So what does this next set of wires look like?

Personally, I'm pretty happy that I don't have to worry about my toaster morphing into a cellphone anymore. Can't wait until it gets an ethernet jack though.

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Peace on Earth

Peace on earth is possible, Tara Sue proclaims. Hard to disagree with her conviction.

I'd only caution her against the implication that only men are capable of waging war. I say this because it is just as likely that these assholes have been holding women back from being warmongers in their own right. In the meantime, Tara Sue should proceed cautiously in how she evolves our generalizations. But for the most part I would agree. And I'm not that Ross.

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Who is this?

Odd - I don't remember adding this blog to my RSS reader - not disappointed that its in there - some interesting comments sprinkled throughout the feed. I don't even know who writes this blog, which is odd, because I like reading the words of those I know or the words of those whose friends I know, or friends of friends of friends that I know, or people whose names I can spell...okay - truth be told, I'll pretty much read anyone - once.

Anyways, this blogger (who are you?) makes an interesting comment - para - "conversation in the blogosphere about pings, trackbacks etc. are starting to die down..." - just wait, this is just digestion, the trough to the wave. Things are going to get hot and heavy in about 20 seconds.

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A visual tea recommendation for Meg

Meg remarked today that "Alas I find tea to be one of those beverages that sounds exotically different depending on blend and leaf but ends up all tasting like, well, tea to me. Perhaps my palate is just not refined enough?" - I think she needs to try some Jasmine Slivering Balls. I had the pleasure of watching these unfold on a recent trip to China that I was fortunate enough to luck into. I didn't actually get to taste it because I foolishly ordered regular green tea in a place known for these slivering balls. I was forced to watch the tea-balls of my two companions unfold instead. It was fascinating to watch these little brown balls at the bottom of the tea glasss slowly unfold over the course of an hour or so into fully shaped chrysanthemum blooms...really neat.

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