February 28, 2003

Here in Byron Bay

We arrived yesterday @ 6:00 went on the hunt for food we found some pretty good pizza. Its nice here but the same as Surfers Paradise minus the high buildings and appartments. Were heading off to Coffs Harbour around 6:15. Hi Liam Aleena and Daylon - were fine thanx :) thank you for saying hi . we love hearing from you guys . Good to hear Grandma and Grandpa had a good time @ the lake.............. CLAY you found a job you bum well ex bum !! thats good to hear there is cash to be made in tool and dye many people have told me to get into it, but you know metal Fab. is for me . i'll make you a sweet custom hog one day. tell your mom I say hello as well as Christine. Penny were having a little bit of trouble checking your comments so look through all your settings and options and make sure everything looks o.k. everyone is sending comments o.k. but you ?? good thing for good ol' e-mail : ) we'll quess that about wraps it up for now. Talk Soon Miss U ALL , thanx again for the feedback, when we read it it brings us home again. Love Gav and Amba XOXOXOXOX 420

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February 26, 2003


Well here we are its our second day in Nimbin we had a one night stopover in a place called Murwillambah say that three times fast ;) then we jumped on the bus and headed here we like it very much. We fit in with the relaxed people that live here. The scenery its sooo nice mountains everywhere, the type gorillas play in, Amber saw what she's been waiting to see ---- KanGaRoOs !! she was looking everywhere but finally found a family of four feeding behind the hostel. we'll were gonna go get some groceries for dinner tonight, groceries are CHEAP!! WOOHOOO well take care and we will keep everybody posted.
p.s ross can you give this site a quick once over lookin for any errors or mistakes, amber can't veiw a comment comming from her Mommamia , thanx we love this idea glad we're using it buh bye ......

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February 23, 2003

Public Service Announcement - Deleting

Hey guys - someone keeps deleting all of the comments. Stop! - They should all stay there forever just like the rest of the posts - I haven't read any of them yet and now they are all gone! :)

Hope y'all are having a blast - I love reading all of the posts - so do the folks at the office.

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Leaving Surfer's Paradise

Hey guys,
It's Amber again. I just wanted to say a quick something. We are leaving tommorrow for Nimbin and Byron Bay. We are looking forward to some new sceens and new people. Thanks again for everyone writing. It is great to here from home. Especially when your a suck like me and miss everone soooooo much. HEHE. We will write as soon as we can find a computer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to use. DAD, thanks for fixing the banking stuff. It was a relief today when I went and tried it. You are my savior!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you in a few weeks but in the mean time get the computer fixed. Mom, I will call you on Wednesday (Tuesday night your time) to see how your trip went. Everyone else We hope to here from you guys soon.
Love Amber

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February 22, 2003

rainy days

Hey everyone,
Its Amber this time. Well it has rained here for the last five days. They say it's not normal for here but I guess we brought it with us. Our trip was a little delayed but it is now on for Monday. Nimbin and then Byron Bay. We are looking forward to seeing new things. Mom, I hope Florida is wonderful and you are having agood time. Dad, DOn't worry about the matress. Gavin said that you can throw it out if you want. I loved talking to you the other day. It made my day. Call Clay for the computer. He can fix it. 905 428-1669. He will take care of you. Talk to you in a few weeks. Give Bayley a kiis for me. Amanda, Stop eating that junk. Make some food you silly girl. Put heat on your shoulder and stretch it slowly!!!!! Get massage if you can. Aunti Bobbi, Thanks for the e-mail. Say hi back to the kids for me and that I miss them. Kisses and hugs.Stewart, Thanks for saying hi. It was a nice surprise. We will be taking our scuba lessons soon. We will bring back nice pictures for you. Anita, Your e-mail worked. I'm glad that you guys are trying to enjoy the snow. WE miss it in a weird way. Miss you too! Uncle Graham, Hi its Gav better than Ottermere you ask ???? noooo way nothing beats heaven on earth go for a rip on your sled for us. And kiss the kids for me , Cletus, 30 !!!!!!!!!! you maniac WOOOHOOO must of been messy but a load of fun, EVERYBODY PASS ON THE WEB ADDRESS ........... are my parents still alive??? where are they hiding ?? quess thats about wraps it up on this end. I miss everyone lots and keep sending the e-mails. Lots of love,Amber xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

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February 19, 2003

what a blast, gotta move on though

Hi everybody i'm sorry that we havent been making that many log entries, the internet cafe finally opened up just below where were staying its five bucks an hour. lastnight I went on a 70's night with a bunch of people from the hostel free drinks for the staff it worked out pretty good except for the walk home everybody disappeared on me ;) was a nice walk only took about 40 mins or so. Today we booked into our next hostel a place Called Nimbin its about an hour away from here inland we've heard good things about it apparently its reallllllly relaxed we were told to wear our worst clothes but still risk being over dressed sounds good to me, After Nimbin we are off to a place called Cape Byron were staying at a place called J's, 70 a night though ouch but its really nice so weve heard and maybe we can pull some strings and work for accomidation the same way we've done here, its been fun here but its time to move on most of the people we've met here aren't cause they've fallin into a rut. -BooZe- the way I think of it I can drink as much as I want at home. We havent figured out where were heading after Cape byron but that comes after we get there I quess. Things are a little differant in Ausland , at night we sit and watch giant fruit bats fly aroung there favorite tree a stones throw from our balcony, theres cockroaches runnin around everywhere at night were gettin used to them I think we'll I am don't know about my bug loving girlfriend though lol apparently they like to shower with Amber haha, she also went face to face with a redback spider (enough poison to kill a small child) : ( but one of our new mates smacked it. well thats about it for now i'll let somemore fun things compile then get back to you guys Love You All and miss ya Too

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February 15, 2003

it's me Amber

Hey everyone, It's mya first entry. We are planning on moving soon so we dont get too comfortable. I am planning on swimming with the dolphins before we leave here. There is a Sea World right here. The weather is still great. All sun shine. We are planning on going to Byron Bay next. I promise to send postcards before we leave here. The laundry is still fine but it gets really hot in there. But its all good. We might have found a few people to travel with which could make it more fun. But we dont have any deffinate plans. Thanks everyone who writes on the web page. Its is so nice to read things from home. I miss you guys so much. More than you know. I will write soon and yes MOM is will call you soon too. DAD I'm glad that you figured out the computer. It's about time. CLAY 420 very soon. Nimbin!!! Gina miss you lots and ANITA it was nice to here from you too. AMANDA and ROSS thanks for everything! Gavin says hi to everyone and I will talk to you guys soon!
Love Amber

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February 13, 2003

hi again

well we ended up puttin 2 bucks into the slot it bought us another 15 mins . kinda pricey but just what we need to post logs thanx for the comments they make us so happy ,hope to see many more . weve met so many people already and not one unhappy british irish american and of course aussies . today we were givin jobs Amber does what amber does best .... laundry didnt you know ? she likes it ,I help clean up around the hostel garbage wiping tables sweeping ect. brainless but definatley worth the free place to stay for as long as we want . Amber was just asked to wash dishes for some extra cash so thats what shes doing tonight YEEHAW well gotta run think its time for my evening fosters lol I think wre gonna go to seaworld tom. and swim with dolphins ambers wanted to do it for a while now . 1 min left

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very short hello

gotta make it real short have literalyy 5 mins. everything in surfers is awesome were really happy great people we started work today for free accomidation @ this hostel it should save us some money . theres a internet cafe just below our room but its closed up for a bit when it open we will be able to communicate much more well like i said gotta make it short so we miss u all and we'll talk soon hugs hoots and kisses fr Amber and Gavin

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February 10, 2003

live from Brisbane

Hey everybody !! hows things besides cold...rub rub just kidden . everything is great here were off to Surfers Paradise in the morning should be a blast we've heard nothing but great things from everybody about it so we'll definatly fill everybody in when we know a little more about it. ambers here and she doesnt want to type but she has to anyway....hi.....lol that was amber what an animal eh ?? when I show her how to post i'm sure she'll go nuts with the postings lol well like I was telling a good friend its terribly expensive to use the computers its a whole whopping 4 dollars lol hope its this cheap every where well gotta run so goodbye for now and dont be affraid to add comments..
love Gamber and Avin g'day

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February 08, 2003

we made it to tha Kong

whats up everybody ??? were here in Hong Kong its pretty cool from what I can see but I dont know if were gonna hit the city its a little trip , we'll get it on the way back for sure. its about 10 am we have a 11 hr wait ahead of us . feels like were still sittin on the plain countin down the hours but before we know it we should be in Australia cant belive its Sat. what happened to fri ??? weird world travel , well gotta time limit here so i'll finish up WE MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH !!! hope to hitta mean 420 soon , till next time
Gav+Amber p.s. no tears Staggolee ya sissy !! talk to ya from Aussie

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February 07, 2003


Hey everybody just thought i'd make a little first entry were packin up everything we own lol tryin to have fun lookin forward to he 16 hr flight too lol its gonna be awesome. we'll keep ya posted ;)
have a farewell drink for me, Gav

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