March 30, 2003

We in Cairns EvErYboDy!

Hi all, How is everything ?? great I hope, we're having a great time but what else is there to do in Oz?? Heard the news on Grandpa C. it made my week and we raised up a couple Beers for ya!! and everyone else!! we're in Cairns i'm sure you figured it out :) we flew in today from Darwin the flight was 2 and a half hours, it wasn't bad at all we're gettin really good at getting shipped around like cattle but still really don't like flying I guess it beats a 3 day bus ride, the weather here is great we're on the coast again where we love it the most the people of Queensland are great compare a Winnipeger to a person born in T.O. relaxed and happy all the time, we're surrounded in mountains of lush rainforest its very nice, you'll see the pics I hope, we're off to Mission Beach in the morning to soak up some sun before we go job hunting a little further down the coast moneys goin fast but its all worth it, no regrets and live everyday to its fullest because when we get home if we missed something that we wanted to do we will boot ourselves in the rear-end! well thats our update for now. bye for now, Talk soon
love Gav and Amba

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March 26, 2003

In Darwin now!!!!!

Hey everyone, It's Amber. Well Gavin and I have done alot since the last time we wrote. We didn't have access to a good computer for a while. We left Tazmania and the bad weather and flew to Adelaide. But we couldn't get any accomidation there so we took the geyhoud to Alice Springs. It took 20 hours by bus but it wasn't too bad. In Alice we took an awesone trip tp Ayers Rock and the Olgas. It was the best trip that we have had since we got here. We walked around the rock and took 3 rolls of film on it alone. Then we took a walk into the gorge at the Olgas. It was just incredible. We went back to the rock for a sunset barbecue with champagne and red wine. It was great. Then we took a bus to Darwin which is where we are now. It is so hot here but we are not complaining. We have booked another tour for tomorrow to see waterfalls and jumping crocodiles at feeding time in the wild. We are looking forward to that. Then off to Cairns and down the cost to look for work. We really liked it there and can't wait to get back. Well we hope to hear new entries from everybody as it makes your day to read them. Miss everyone sooooooooooo much and love you all. Talk soon,

Love Amber

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March 18, 2003

In Tazmania

Hey everyone,
It's Amber this time. Well we made it Taz. the flight was short and sweet. It was only an hour or so. Gavin and I went for a walk already today and have taken some nice pictures. Hobart is pretty big with lots to see. Mountains all over the place with houses built right into them. It looks kinda like Italy. Really nice. Our hostle is right on the water and above a bar so you can imagine how happy Gavin is now! hehe. We have four days here and expect to do a few tours while we are here. There is lots to see. Thanks Len for the posting we will let you know if we need anything. Thanks for asking. Amanda, good luck with the projects I'm sure they will turn out good. Brown noser!!!!! Well we will talk to everyone soon and Hi to Granpa for the firsttime. It was nice to see you on the computer. Later. Love Amber

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March 17, 2003

Still in Melbourne

Hi all we are still here its been about 5 days now I think we've scratched the idea to get settled in here, its too much like home we need something differant with a little less concrete and more natural beauty, we think were going to tour around the rest of Oz then end up back in the Gold Coast where we started off we loved it there and the people are so much nicer for some strange reason, we were told that Queenslanders where a differant breed we didnt know what that meant but now we've got it figured out I think, we also have great friends up there one from New Zealand an awesome Mauri girl named Jayme shes always happy, we actually traded shirts I gave her a good ol'Molsen Canadian shirt and she gave me a cool shirt with a Mauri (MOWRY) warrior on it its pretty cool, another friend we met is Ken, need I say more about him ??? I will anyway he's a great guy he's working down there aswell he's into standing at the side of the road turning a sign back and forth from stop and slow, good old city work it always pays off, another good friend is from Ireland her name is Shinead she's cool she kept me out of trouble after we went to town on a slab (30 beers) hopefully ken and shinead have moved on as they wanted to but I think they are happy up in Surfers Paradise, well were off to Tazmania in the morning were looking forward to it, great scenery for pictures, were there for 4 nights and three days then were off to Adelaide. we will keep you guys posted on our every move ...... bye for now ......... Hi Grandpa !!- we found many of those beaches you were telling me about (the ones you got lost on and Grandma had to find you ) hehe ......... uncle Graham thanx for posting and showing Grandpa the site I hope he enjoyed it as much as we do, don't worry about my beer consumption i'm having enough suds for everybody, I think GUiNeSS is in Order Today being St. Patties day, as far as sled and toys with pistinsI wish I knew more about repairs but the only thing I can do now is try to use this brain of mine and keep every machine I get on in one peice, minus any sort of three wheeled machine, ....... AUNTY Tannis HAPPY BELATED !!! HOPE IT WAS FUN, well everybody we'll talk soon
p.s. i'd love to call you guys in my spare time if you'd like to leave your number i'll give you a surprise phone call one day : )
Love Gavin

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March 13, 2003

We be Jammin in Melbourne

Hi all, We are in Melbourne now we left Canberra lastnight @ around 9:00, the bus ride was o.k. except for the ass in front of me today my knees ache : ( still happy i'm 6'5 though, Amber is fine aswell , Today we went to a massive market it was called Victoria Market , tryin to find some cool stuff no luck today but we will keep our eyes open for awesome things to spend our dough on, .................
Craigy sad to hear about the sled. Learn a little lesson ?? don't cruise where you don't know the land like the back of your hand. Glad your uninjured man and Glad to hear the sled is fine now one thing bout sleds repairs come pretty easy just costly sometimes....... Amanda Congrats you smart smart girl you, we all knew and know what your capable of way to go tonight i'll raise a massive bottle of beer for that 96% you pulled off WHOO HOO Say hi to everyone that isnt cool enough to read our postings hehehe ............LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL AND TO ALL A G"DAY !!!!!

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March 08, 2003

Still in Sydney : )

Hi all !! how are you ? were going to go to Manly Beach today it should be good, lastnight I went out it was fun I went to many differant bars, met a fellow canuck and an Indian Guy for some reason all the people I've met from India are awesome so many cool stories and traditions to learn about I quess they are like North americans we have a holiday once a month as do they but is cool hearing about all the differant ones from each country. Well I dont have much to tell you guys about I just wanted to say hello and that we miss ya, when we do something fun , cool or worth telling you guys about we will
love Gav and Amba >>>>> to the BEACH!!!!!

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March 06, 2003

HAHA more time !!

well amber had leftover time she saved the day !! now I can tell you guys what we've been up to the last couple days 2 days ago we arrived in sydney and found our way from the station acroos the street to our first hostel in Sydney it was Called Syd. Central it was massive it had 17 floors or something, its own club and cafe-restaurant on the first floor we paid 88 bucks but it was deserved we had our own shower and crapper it was great the next day we headed here were in a a hostel called Glebe point it's pretty cool you can tell its run by the cool the hip the groovy all notices and postings are funny, instead of strict and boring its the littel things that count right ??. Well like I said were off towards melbourne soon on the way we will go to the Blue Mountains and Canberra the capitol of Australia to see the old parliment buildings and that sort of jazz well thats about it for now , were having steak for dinner WHOOO HOOO cant wait they have a cool roof top barb-q I saw it yesterday and had to take advantage of it, oh yeah we saw the opera house and harbour bridge that was cool very large but I think we got some cool pictures, I made amber run up the steps of the opera house to get a pic, cant wait to show everybody our photos. well were off.......... Ross- your nuts but thanx for the advice ya gotta watch those wild animals lol weve seen lizards spiders roaches koalas water dragons and fat people but no dingos lol thanx for lookin at the site for us we love it!!!..........Auntie B thanx for the comment we will to do as much skin diving as possible lol and A happy belated to that daredevil of a son you have I can't beleive he's 10 WOW !! soon i'll be sittin around havin some homebrews with him lol ............ Scotty hope your havin fun in the snow, Amanda we will phone when we get our next phone card : ) Everybody else CHEERS!!!!!
ta ta for now love Gav + Amba

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Second stop in Sydney

Hey everybody back home hope all is well except for the weather that is. we are in good shape were headed for the blue mountains and canberra then Melbourne to settle in for a bit and get a p.o. box sorry this is so short but my time is gone !!! lov gav and amber

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March 04, 2003

here in Forster

HI everybody , here we are in Forster and heading to sydney today thanx again for the comments I need them today, as you may or may not know that shadow the rader family cat passed away not to long ago she's up there gettin chased around by Kota i'm sure. Mom good hearin from ya we will call from Sydney : ) miss ya ... Scotty and BIGheD good hearin from ya play safe and share your toyz...... Ross good to hear from ya its us that have been deleting the comments is there a way you can set it that it lists all of the comments not just the five most recent ?? thats why weve been doin it its easier to get the updated ones . but we'd like everybody to get the comments too :) ...........and everyone else WE MISS YA !!! and we will chat soon ........... PoPPa Q6 we gonna call you from Sydney to be by the phone and not with some sexy blonde with big EYES wink wink ........... Penny we'll call you too if your lucky just kidden we will : ) BYEEEEEEEEE

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